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A sculpture that shows the making of Mickey Mouse. The iconic smiling mouse is half embedded in a 3D printed stone. This sculpture tells a story that all great things begin with a simple thought. 

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This wall piece represents the different sides from a story or event happening nearby or across the world. A story or event always consists of multiple aspects. Good or evil is nothing more than a changing point of view.

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While designing Z-3 I accepted the challenge to make a product that uses one material and one technique. The stool is made out of medium density fiberboard that is cut out using laser techniques. Because of the depth difference in the stool and the changing of light, a lot of different shadows will appear. 

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Push to Play is a lamp that you can control by pushing on its surface. By pushing the inner circle you will turn the light on, the harder you push the brighter the light will shine. By pushing the outer circle you can turn the light off or control the brightness. 

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Sound is something we encounter and use every day, its a way of communication but can also retain feelings. If you want to relive that feeling you can replay your sound on an mp3 player or your phone. With Shape of Sound the recordings are converted to an image and later on to an threedementional object or jewelry. 

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This is the Space Walker, a small sculpture that can  be used as a table light. It’s a single 3D print that is later on coated to give it a smooth and colorful finish.